Witch Pins

$16.00 CAD
  • Witch Pins
  • Witch Pins

This is a shiny enamel pin of a witch that's roughly 2 inches!

Rose gold plating and super pretty! Perfect for your pin collect, or even to decorate your bags!

These pins are handmade items and can vary from unit to unit. A-grades or standard pins are graded based on the front of the pin. Due to the nature of making these pins, there may be minor and hardly noticeable imperfections that can only be observed upon close and careful inspection. Imperfections are often minor and easily overlooked. Standard pins typically have 0-1 minor imperfection.
This can include:
- small, air bubbles in non-central areas of the pin
- small under-filled enamel in non-central areas of the pin
- some slight imperfections in the metal plating
- minor offsets in screen-printed details